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Consulting services

Working as full time web application developer for over 11 years, I have seen customers making costly mistakes
during the web site development process. My consulting services are aimed to help you avoiding those mistakes.

Which are the benefits of using my consulting services?

  • You will get prepared for the whole process
  • You will know in advance which options you have on the table
  • Website design will be tailored according to your business needs
  • As a result of the consulting you will get the website which serve your business needs
  • Learn how to choose right web development company
  • You will get better price and save time

Trust me, web development companies and web application developers in general love knowledgeable customers. You will get much better price estimation, and much more precise time frame prediction for the development process if you have specified your needs in advance and if they see that you know exactly what you want to be done.

On the end, using my consulting services will prepare you for site promotion once your project has been completed.

Because, do not forget, finishing the website marks the start of the journey, not its end.

How much consulting do you need, and how much does it cost?

For small & medium projects, it takes between 2-10 hours, depending on the project. Larger projects will require more and it will
be ongoing process.

During the initial FREE 30 min. consultation, i will advise of how many hours of consultation will be required
for your project. Price per hour is $65. Larger packages (over 10 hours) costs $50 per hour.

Contact me today to arrange the initial 30 min FREE consultation.