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Web Development company quality, Freelance rates

 I offer many web development services with my main focus being a PHP Programmer. Custom web applications are my area of expertise.

I am happy to serve both, Web Development companies who need to outsource some of their projects (long term partnership would be great) and individual clients & companies.

At this time, All of the websites that I work on are built using the CodeIgniter framework. Using it i developed the EasyAdmin which I use in everyday work. I can build custom modules, extend existing ones or create new ones from scratch.

I offer 30 min. free consultation via Skype without any obligation. Contact me today, and find out which options do you have on the table. Those 30 minutes will save you time and money down the road, and you are still free to hire someone else if you decide so.

 I can help you with:

  • Web Site Design (custom design, crowd design, template modification)
  • PHP Programming
  • Database design & architecture
  • Choosing SEO company
  • Choosing Hosting company

I have a network of website developers and designers that I work with per project base. If your web project is large and complex and need more than one person to be completed, I can put together a team of expert developers and designers, to finish your project on time and within the budget.

If you decide to hire me, click here to start the process of bringing your project to life now!